Friday, January 22, 2010

Near the Saugeen River, Markdale

The old railway track from to Toronto to Owen Sound has been lifted and is now used in the winter as a snowmobile trail and the rest of the year as walking trails. The trail runs west and north of Markdale along the Saugeen River. There are many beautiful views looking over the river and like this one, along lanes into farmer's fields and bush lots. The month was September and the light on the early turning grasses and leaves was unmistakably early autum.


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  2. Here is a great blog post on the Saugeen River so that you can get more inspiration for your paintings:
    The Saugeen river is moving well. We have great Outfitters to rent or get equipment. Read this blog post to learn more about a great 4 day adventure on our local Saugeen River. ps: we have a downloadable printable map also!