Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am just returned from a wonderful five day plien aire workshop with painter Ian Roberts. We spent the week learning from inventive exercises and painting outdoors at many beautiful locations. The above painting was an exercise done in the field simplifing all shapes to appropriate sized rectangles and matching the colours as accurately as possible, much harder than it sounds or looks, but a fabulous way to zone in on the important aspects of a landscape. The group was fantastic, thank you all so much for contributing to such a blissful experience.


  1. Mary,
    I so admire Ian Roberts. I think it's great you got to take his workshop. He's on my list! I am taking a plein air workshop in Vermont in just a few weeks with Susan Abbot. and later in the month another one in Maine with Liz Wiltzen. Very excited to get out there.
    You painting is wonderful and I can tell you really were working hard to get all the different colors. this would make a good challenge.

  2. This is lovely--just the simple shapes and subtle greens. It really works.