Monday, August 29, 2011


I am happy to be hosting the challenge of the week on the Daily Paintworks site. When Carol accepted the Rectangle Challenge I realized I would have to write some instructions. My writing skills are limited and as Carol soon found out my computer skills are equally dismal. I asked my friend Marina to help me and she suggested we repeat the exercise and then write the instructions based on our experiences. This painting of her gladiolus flowers is the painting that I produced the day we repeated the exercise. I really want to thank Carol, David, Marina and Lauren for helping me with this project and also all the artists who accept the challenge.


  1. Hi Mary! I feel better about my admission after seeing this! I just felt like I was missing the boat somehow! I know I could really simplify it a bunch more. Anyway, a big thank you! All the challenges have been very good for me including this one!

  2. Thanks for such a great Weekly Challenge. This is the first one I've done, and it was definitely inspired by your beautiful painting. I know I went too detailed too soon (it looks like a patchwork quilt) but I'm going to try a few more; this was a fantastic learning experience for me.