Thursday, August 14, 2014

Paintings of spots along Forest Lea Road

Godin's Garden   6 x 6"    Oil on Birch Panel

Our neighbours down the road keep a lovely garden which over looks fields to the south.  The pink structure in the background is the foundation of an old barn that has fallen down many years ago.  I love the view of the old foundation against the greens of the fields and the bright flowers of Rob and Peg's garden.

Walter's Hayfield         8 x 8"   Oil on Birch Panel

The sun was nearly set when I started this painting of our neighbour's recently cut hay.  The colours were rich and the lines produced by the rows of hay were important elements of the design, it was a very hot, humid Sunday evening but I couldn't resist what this scene had to offer.  I was glad that I painted it when I did as the next day the hay was baled and the lovely rows of drying hay were gone.

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